Dear people planning to move to pillowfort:

As someone not involved in the development of pillowfort but am a web developer, I think you should lower your expectations, but not for the reason you think.

Pillowfort is a baby. A newborn. A smol bab. If you were here during the early days of Tumblr, think of that. 

Pillowfort simply cannot be the immediate solution to your woes. It needs to be nurtured and cared for to become a mature and happy adult. 

If you want Pillowfort to work, they’ll need feedback, advice, bug reports, etc. This is a chance to make Pillowfort the Ao3 of Fanfiction.net. It’s not gonna happen overnight, you need to give it time and love and it’ll get there. 

If you don’t want to pay money to get into the beta, that’s ok. It will be open to the public soon enough and you won’t have to pay a dime. Their financial model moving forward sounds good (a subscription fee for super extra features), but even an Ao3 model would work swell for them probably. 

We’re living in an interesting time on the internet. Governments across the world are cracking down on content and yet community run websites are starting to thrive more and more. 

Tumblr once upon a time was what Pillowfort is today, but this time, let’s make sure Pillowfort can stay independent from mega corporations. 

Be good to the bab, so one day the bab can be good to you. 

raise your babs well and you won’t get put in a old folks home that smells like pee.

This is an important thing to think about.  If we want fandom spaces, we have to help care for them – with content, yes, but they’re going to need money and community support to thrive independently.  They’re going to need people willing to be patient when they stumble.  

While there’s ultimately no guarantee any community won’t eventually be sold off to a corporation, we can make it a lot less likely to happen by a) giving it a feasible way to support itself and b) not being absolute assholes to the team behind it.



If you’ve been Muted:

Hey all, I know there’s a lot of what the heck is going on issue, and here’s some information I gathered:

  • You can post, people can see it on their dash, but when you go to a blog, it is not on their first page.
  • You can only access it in their archives.
  • Or on another page, but it is out of order.
  • This is frustrating, especially if you’re NOT an explicit blog.
  • As a content creator, this is extra frustrating.

I’m positive this is a bug as they fix the filtering systems, however, here’s what I suggest in the meantime:

  1. Stop your Queue/Don’t post new creative content (or do so, but know it won’t show on your first page)
  2. Update your bio to let followers know that you are indeed active and where to find new posts
  3. Send an email to staff, such as this:


While my recent posts appear on the dashboard, they are not appearing on the first page of my blog. Instead, they can only be accessed through the archive or on other pages, but out of order. Is this currently a sitewide bug due to correcting the filtering system? Have I been muted, and if so, what would be the reason for this and what can I do to correct it? As a content creator this is detrimental.

Thank you and best regards,

(Your name)

I’m sure this will be fixed as it appears to be a widespread issue. But until then, let’s stay calm.



This is a GLITCH. Your posts ARE all still there, not just on your dashboard. (Seriously, scroll down and your posts begin to appear in order after a few out of order posts!)

The posts at the top (from ages past) are ones that were flagged, then unflagged by the new algorithm. To get your dash back in order, edit the post at the top that shouldn’t be there, then close it without changing anything. 

This is a VERY easy fix, you have NOT been muted OR shadowbanned. I understand the panic, but tumblr IS NOT muting people or shadowbanning them. You’re experiencing a small bug with an incredibly easy fix. Your posts are still on your blog, your dashboard, and in the tags, assuming the tag in question still exists.




Okay, so if you’ve noticed that when you go to your front page, a lot of old posts are randomly resurfacing and your new posts are getting buried under them no matter what you do, there’s a REALLY EASY fix for it!

Just go into the resurfaced old post, and edit it in some way. In my case, I added a tag that said “test”. Any kind of edit to the post will be fine as long as you save the changes.

Then I reloaded my front page and behold! The old post was back in my archives where it belonged!

(Incidentally, if the theory that this behavior is caused by posts getting flagged and unflagged, then you can see which posts of mine tumblr’s bot thought were nsfw by looking at the test tag)


A more succinct PSA for reblogging:

Currently, putting images in a reblog of a post, (especially a text post?) causes the reblog and any reblogs of it to NOT appear on a main blog page or public blog.

It will only appear in your dash view, or your own blog on the internal view while you are logged in.

Do not use reaction gifs if you want your posts to be locatable. This is not a drill.

Please reblog this so other people are aware of it!