* I know you aren’t! I wasn’t trying to imply that, don’t worry

* the whole alt thing is actually where it Does get confusing, I’ll do my best to explain

* so – just like how there are multiple worlds, like you said, there’s also a lot of different versions of these worlds. These different versions tend to come in groups, and within those groups timelines tend to have all or almost all the same people in it. so you end up with multiples of the same person, all with slightly different experiences, but at the core – still the same people

* that’s essentially what alts are, in a nutshell. Different versions of the core person, all with different experiences or circumstances.

That’s really weird

When do I get to meet another me so we can kick twice as much ass

* not sure! Face to face I’m not sure you ever will? but I’ve been seeing a lot of blogs from what seems to be your timeline group popping up so I figure it’s only a matter of time till you bump into another you o: