* there is, and it’s a little…. convoluted to explain? but if it’s wanted I don’t mind giving it a shot! i know it’s, um, kinda scary and confusing,




If you could I’d appreciate it

* i will do my level best, then, um… where to start,

* the basics of it is as it pertains to you is that there are…. multiple versions of your reality. multiple susies, multiple krises, multiple lancers. all of them have their own timeline, their own experiences, all of that. for… some reason this site pulls from all over the multiverse? so we get a LOT of crossing over, which is. both fortunate and kinda unfortunate.

* the…. largely unfortunate thing here is that it’s rather likely that the susie and lancer you’d been talking to may not be your versions of them. but they’re still the same person, at the core of things?

* that’s….. the best way i can think of to put it, i think? i can get more into it but – it’s a lot to take in and i don’t want to overwhelm you.

And…there are some realities that…are really different than mine too right?

…This all seems really complicated.

* there are, yeah. i find it easiest to think of it like…. a really big tree.

* which i think confuses some people but? it works to me. like

* say you have this big tree representing the entire multiverse. you have one big branch that represents your “set” of timelines, and off of that one branch you have hundreds of thousands of twigs and smaller branches. all of them are a little different, but they all share the same base branch in the end.

* and then there’s other branches not connected to yours representing entire other universes, other worlds, other “sets” of timelines. it’s…. really interesting to think about, but also really, uh. overwhelming, to a point.

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